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David Brant

David Brant


New cross assembler for SAM Coupé with IDE. Runs on any computer that will run Java.

  • Labels of any length

  • Macros

  • Conditional Assembly

  • C style structures

  • All Z-80 commands including most undocumented commands

New Version 1.12 is now available at:


Release year wrong and new version

The release year is wrong it should be 2008.

In the near future there will be a new version which will have:

* run multiple macros
* more commands that can be use multiple command i.e. srl a 5
* changes to the project view
* function local labels

Re: Release year wrong

The release dates are selected from a popup menu. I grouped very recent years into batches (so this is in 2005+beyond, as opposed to exactly 2008) because otherwise the popup would have got rather cumbersome, and with the relatively small number of things being released these days it wouldn’t be a terribly useful classification.

Release year wrong

Sorry didn’t realize until I sent the comment.

Just wondering why...

Why you created your own IDE (perhaps for the fun of it) instead of for example creating an Eclipse plug-in? You are apparently proficient at writing Java, so the Eclipse plug-in should be easy?

Using the Eclipse framework provides you with a good project structure, a good text editor etc.

Otherwise integration with an other existing editor (for example jedit) could have solved the editor part.

The JAM editor is a LOT better than Comet, but just doesn’t quite cut it with today’s editors:

- no find/replace
- very limited and buggy undo
- odd positioning when finding results
- odd positioning when moving vertically through lines

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