Current Projects

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Current Software Projects:

Sam uIPAdrian BrownActivePort of Adam Dunkels’ uIP stack for the Trinity Ethernet Interface
SAM2_GBJohan Koelman & Adrian BrownActiveGameBoy Emulator
HunchbackTaffActiveRemake of OCEANS Hunchback

Current Hardware Projects:

Trinity Ethernet InterfaceColin PiggotCompleteEthernet Interface with extras!
Mayhem AcceleratorColin PiggotActive20Mhz plus accelerator add-on
Atom-LiteEdwin BlinkCompleteCompact Flash ATOM storage device.

Single Chip Sam Coupe ....

I’m trying to get interest in a ’ single chip ’ Sam Coupe microcomputer .The idea is to design a development board using a Alter STRATIC FPGA which can be put onto a Hardcopy ASIC chip with 512K RAM running at 25Mhz plus. Giving a full ( and more ) Sam coupe in a single chip !!! Sort of producing a Super Sam Coupe..

Or alternatively design a Universal eZ80 board (50Mhz) to put a SAM COUPE logic on. The eZ80, 50Mhz runs at the equivalent of a 200Mhz Z80A !! Making it 33 times faster than the original Sam ..

If you are interested in helping ,please contact me..


lezanderson - how do we contact you you are not listed int eh people list though i tried to search and the search thing only returns a positive if the exact thing searched for is found?

u karnt gerrit 2 wurke?
as were in fanta z land…

its just that at 50mhz it wont let us run zx 128 stuff or cpc+ stuff or msx turbor800 vdp9990
whatever the price is
would it have vga - independent from sams video modes?
24 bit tru colour palette
256 colours per pixel
maximum screen rez 1080p
if you exceed 256 pixels can u use another 256 colour palette for each further 256 horizontal pixels ?
vertical palette changes also?
if it ran a speccy emulator what speed would be teh maximum speed tht the emulation could run at?
can it run RZX files
would it emulate different hardware like the mb-02+ which has a dma
the ez80 190 has two dma channels but i don’t understand if these are simultaneous with the processor bus or whether like the amiga they share the same bus
its a pity if you ever get tcp ip internet to display websites that the video ram cant use monochrome for text areas and full colour for the graphics bits


Re: ez80190£500.00+ internet@£20.00permonth and u get 1%advert

Roger - please do not use these comments to complain about your ISP, or PC driver issues, etc. This is a formal warning, I will suspend your account if you keep posting such off-topic material.





When is someone going to make a single-chip SAM Coupe ?? Ideally on a ASIC chip like the altera Hardcopy??

It would be useful, not just as a nostalgic bygone, but as something that could compete with PICs and embedded processors commercially.

To have an Embedded system (microcomputer) like the Sam Coupe with on chip OS and Basic would be a great idea !

It would be well receive from hobbyists, amateur electronics enthusiasts & retro computer buffs….

Well it’s an idea.. it’s already been done for the ONE CHIP MSX and the Amstrad CPC /PCW…

Well it’s just a thought …………..

Problem is - those projects

Problem is - those projects you mentioned used off-the-shelf chips which people could get hold of information for the graphics and sound chips for.

SAM uses a custom ASIC - so basically the whole ASIC would need to be mapped out to make possible.

That’s NOT an easy task unless your name is Bruce Gordon.

Re: single chip SAM

I wonder if the Raspberry PI will be fast enough to run SimCoupe at 100%?

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