Utility programmer for the SAM SC_ Steves Software coming soon


I’m Steve Nutting the Sam Coupe Utility programmer with thanks to Simon Owens new Sim Coupe and renewed interest in the Sam will upload my vast catalogue of software.

This will take time as I don`t for example have a PC that will accept an internal floppy drive, only USB which will not except Floppy Disc loading on Simcoupe.

I started off with SCASSEMBLER in May 1990 5 months after the Sam coupe was first released most of the work was done on the Spectrum months before the Sam came onto the market.

Some of the other authors earlier Sam programs were created with my Assembler.

The last program was SCWORDPro one of the longest and complex programs I had written.

I also hope to upload all the source for all the utility software as well as the pdf manuals, so you can see for yourself just how hard I had to work as I created my own routines rather than use the Sam Rom.

This will also quickly verify and prove that I have indeed programmed and allowed my software to be shared with all those interested.

All the best,

Very good indeed! SC_Word

Very good indeed!

SC_Word definately was useful with the 1meg unit… where can i buy one of these?

One Meg

Colin has a One Meg for sale at http://www.samcoupe.com/

SC software images

Steve: I have disk images of SC_WordPro and the font disks, and a number of other SC titles. If you e-mail me directly (address in SimCoupe About box) I’ll send you a list, and I’d be happy to provide you with ready-to-use images.

Unfortunately, USB floppy drives are limited to the 2 fixed PC floppy formats, and there’s no way to read 10-sector SAM disks on them. :-/


60 Disc images files compiling

Steven Nutting all of SC_Sam Utility software (Steves Software)

Dear Simon,

Thanks for your help in offering the images, Ive been using my friends computer to get the image files I need and will soon be compiling the lot in the near future to work with printers etc.</p> <p>I have been using the 4MB option on Simcoupe with the FORMAT “d3”,4,160 for a temporary ram disc so I can play around transferring files between disc etc to get working copies.</p> <p>Im estimating there will be a total of 60 image discs to upload as my software collection is bigger than I can remember and is bringing back memories of time past by.

I`m distracted at the moment over my old Spectrum with Plus D software which worked with earlier hardware work from Bruce on the Sam, as I have been using a Spectrum emulator that also supports the Plus D Disc drive interface.

All the best, Steve

Thanks Steve

Hi Steve,
Nice to see you around these parts! I purchased lots of items from you over the years and enjoyed using your software. You were always very helpful on the phone. Great to see you’ll be officially endorsing this site. Thanks for sharing your back catalogue with us!


Hi Steve

Great news! and thank you for your software, I hope others will take note and do the same before any other titles get lost in time.


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