Matt Round


After a demo on Fred 45 this GamesMaster product was due for full release but never appeared.

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Interview with Matt Round in issue 9 of Sam Revival magazine about the work done on the full version - improved game engine was nearly finished, a handful of more fiendish levels completed etc. Unfortunately Matt no longer has the disks with his old work.

We need Retros!

I always loved Matt Round’s stuff and I was really looking forward to Retros as the demo played so beautifully. It would be great if we some day got our hands on the full thing…even more so IMHO that Kaboom!

Retros / Kaboom

Unfortunately from what Matt said in an interview a while ago, he no longer has the disks for what work was done on the full version of Retros :( It was to have more fiendish levels and new hazards like different types of liquids and fans. He almost had the game engine finished, and 4-5 half-finished levels.

Kaboom - I have a 95% (ish!) completed version, passed onto me by the musician a couple of years ago. It’s been my plan to sit down and piece the parts together to make it into a full game, and i’ve permission from both the musician and graphics artist to use their work - but unfortunately i’ve not been able to track down Wayne Coles yet, as it would also need his approval to do so.

Wayne - if you’re out there, drop me an email please :)

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