The Kaleidoscope



The Kaleidoscope was the standalone version of the Hardware Development Kit with just the components soldered on the board for the Kaleioscope function, and housed in the usual white interface box.

Retailed for £34.99

For more information see the Hardware Development Kit

hmpr bits 5&6

this device didn’t use hmpr for 16 colours on mode 3 screen either
sam paint and flash no support
scads games master ditto
external ram? master basic
bbc basic?

Kaleidoscope software support

I think the reason that no software supported the Kaleidoscope was mainly that it didn’t do very much! All it can do is tint the screen by dimming it slightly; if you wanted different colours on different parts of the screen you had to spend all the cpu time constantly communicating with the Kaleidoscope to change its setting.

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