Bo Jangeborg


MouseFlash11.mgt.zip (not yet approved)

The Art Package bundled with the Coupé for which Bo gave up his summer of 1989 to produce for MGT.

Based on this high-quality packages The Artist One/Two for the ZX Spectrum it was the first major application for the platform.

The split-screen editing to keep the menu bar on screen was different from the now more normal ‘screen swapping’ method used by Atari ST and Amiga packages.

Flash! gets a lot of bad press when compared to other art packages such as Sam Paint and ones on other platforms but remember that this application was written not so much in the CoupĂ©’s infancy more like when it was embryonic.

Available on the SamDOS disc.

PDF manual scan at http://www.samcoupe-pro-dos.co.uk

Your Sinclair review, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.

The version bundled with the Mouse Interface disc had sluggish controls and also had the right-hand button as primary which drove people insane.

There is an odd pixel in the top left of the title screen.