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bdos 17a- in fact if i read the thingi its not even for atom lite oops yet again good job i never bothered to try to save it to a disc which is impossible with a usb discdrive in the library!
doesn’t bother with ram discs or networking does it?
i cant format a single record that is apparently in accessible? was it a failure of the protection from bdos15a?
i have usb floppy but like everything in the public library the minute i connect it to a pc the thing stops working it wouldn’t have let me write bdos17a to disc anyway would it its like trying to read and write to real bdos compact flash cards the library wont let me do it even though the terms and conditions cant be bothered to put any information on the screen to make out that you are in breach of them when you try to do something perfectly legitimate
rather like when they changed the upload size to 2mb so i spent all day on youtube transferring 300mb videos that never got to the site the only error message they put onscreen was error
this comment will be deleted by the

Re: this comment will be deleted by the

The fact that you wrote “this comment will be deleted by the” (the what? the fascist, censoring admin?) proves you know that ranting about your library is unwelcome here, and yet you posted it anyway. Add to that your direct abuse toward other users, and you have crossed the line.

Enough is enough. You’ve had plenty of warnings. I’m not deleting your comment: I’m leaving it here to point to anybody who asks why I disabled your account.

AMEN! And thank you!

At last - hopefully we’ve seen the last of these idiotic spamblings.

Thank you good sir!

Thank you good sir!

Well done!

Meant to say well done as well!! :-D At least when I check on World of SAM from now on, the place won’t be awash with meaningless irrelevent jabbering. :-)

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