Phoenix Software Systems

Software house run by David Ledbury, later transferred to Persona.

The software house was named after Phoenix Way Industrial Estate (SamCo’s address in Swansea), as a tribute after their demise.

PSS was set up when David Ledbury was approached to sell an un-contracted Revelation game Craft by the game’s author.


Is Pheonix systes resposible for the Beetle Mania game? I played it in the early 90’s but never heard anything about it since - can someone write a review on this game? I met the guy who programmed this game not so long after he made it - a guy called Geoff from Whitefield, Manchester - - -surely someone must remember Beetlemania, no? Lets see a review and screenshots on this soon I hope!

It was Persona that

It was Persona that published BeetleMania but that’s all I have at the moment - follow the link and add in details if anyone has more info.

It was Persona … I do

It was Persona … I do remember being shown the game by the author….

David Ledbury - SAM Memories Site coming soon…. :


Geoff from Unsworth, Whitefield if your out there get your ass into gear and submit screenshots & review of your infamous game - the critics didnt like it but I thought it was rather cool - I want to buy a copy of this game if anyone out there has it - - to contact if you can get it please

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