Sam Coupé Timeline

Information originally from Tim Paveley taken from the Sam Coupé Scrapbook

1998MarchCrash Issue 50 gives a preview of the prototype to Simon Goodwin, courtesy of
1989FebruaryCrash Issue 61 gives an early look at a Sam prototype, courtesy of
 MarchYour Sinclair Issue 39 has a preview, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.
 NovemberYour Sinclair Issue 47 has a preview, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.
 November 20thOriginal launch date as announced on the Sam Coupe Hotline
 DecemberSam Coupé Released.
1990MarchKnown ROM bugs reported in free handout.
  Your Sinclair Issue 51 review, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.
 AprilYour Sinclair Issue 52 has a review of the Sam Drive, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.
 11th JuneMGT plc goes into receivership.
 JuneDefenders of the Earth released (first commercial game)!
 6th AugustSam Computers Ltd start up.
 OctoberPrice cut, Sam with Sam Drive now costs less than UKP200.
 OctoberVoiceBox released, first 3rd party add on.
 DecemberOne Meg Upgrade, SamBus (with clock) and MasterDOS released.
1991MarchSam Shop Opens.
 AprilSound Sampler, Sam MIDI Sequencer released.
 MayThe Messenger released.
 SummerSome people are working on a WIMP package. Quote - ‘as easy to use as the Macintosh system, as fast as the Archimedes Desktop, as nice to look at as Windows 3, and as customisable and multitaskable as Amiga Workbench 2’
  Prince of Persia planned for July Launch.
  F16 - Combat Fighter planned for July Launch, Never released.
  MasterBASIC released.
  Work is taking place on the Mouse Interface.
 OctoberPrince of Persia Released.
 DecemberLaunch of The Sound Machine, Pro-DOS (cp/m).
1992JanuaryLaunch of NewsDisk, SCADS Released.
 MarchHardware Development Kit released (includes the ill-fated 32768 colour upgrade).
 SummerRelease of GameStar model. Release of GamesMaster.
 15th JulySamCo goes into Liquidation.
 AugustParallax, and Spell Master released.
 OctoberThe Secretary released.
 DecemberBlue Alpha revived.
1993JanuaryFirst West Coast Computers Mailshot.
 FebruaryE-Tracker released.
 SummerWest Coast Computers report they are developing a modem, “The Communicator” with Blue Alpha - it never appeared.
 OctoberNew SamBUS released Two-up (no clock, LED, 2 slots).
 NovemberFirst Sam & Spectrum Gloucester Show. DRiVER released.
1994JanuarySampaint & Lemmings released.
 FebruaryColin Macdonald (of Fred fame) writes a Sam article in Computer Trade Weekly.
 April2nd Sam & Spectrum Gloucester Show.
 October3rd Sam & Spectrum Gloucester Show. Oh No! More Lemmings launched.
1996 Sim Coupe development started.