New enthusiast from USA

Hi, enthusiast from USA looking to explore Sam Coupe.

I am an avid fan and owner of many Sinclair computers having fallen in love with the platform about a year ago. I guess the unique part is I am from USA where this platform was not really big here.. but I have been enjoying the heck out of it and making many new friends along the way.

Reason I joined this group is I have read about the Sam Coupe and starting to wonder if I should eventually add one to my collection. Not a collection where it sits and looks pretty but one that actually gets used frequently and to help keep the community alive.

I use all my Speccy's, all getting turns playing games and upgrades, etc... and since the Sam Coupe can run Spectrum games, it intrigues me.

Any Speccy owners here can offer advice if you find owning a Sam Coupe adds to that excitement and would be a worthwhile hunt for me to start trying to find one? It looks mighty fun and that is all I care about. I get deep into my enjoyment of anything I do and wonder if the Sam Coupe is a good platform for me to explore.

I see prices are quite high... and although I am the type willing to pay a premium for the right boxed computer, I don't think I am willing to spend 1295gbp like the one I see on that auction site right now.

Do you feel a boxed working Sam Coupe can be had for $700 USD price Range these days? I have it in my head that is about the max I would want to pay for a decent boxed unit... but maybe a tad more if it comes with extras of course...

Thanks for the ear.



If u can get your hands on an external 1mb ram interface then u can run zx spectrum 48k software at the full 6mhz it already runs 20% faster than the zx spectrum but the external ram doubles this performance I'm trying to interest velesoft in getting about five disks of vector graphics software converted to it maybe you could help us?