After having scratched my head quite a bit as to which B-DOS version is which, I've added 4 sub pages to B-DOS covering:

  • 1.5a
  • 1.5a ATOM-Lite
  • 1.5t
  • 1.7q

The main B-DOS page still has a download link for 1.7q - can this be removed?

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I have a number of programs written in SAM Basic + MasterBasic routines and I would like to use the Trinity Interface.

So my question is - has anyone tried to use MasterBasic with B-DOS?

Initially I would have to Load the MB code in an AutoBoot program  as we cannot attach the code to the B-DOS code.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!




Stefan that is just what I have been looking for the only thing I want to see added is that after bdos&masterdos&masterbasic have been combined that they detect the external 1mb and use it 4 master basic program space does this make sense, so that the basic programs run at rom speed?

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Hi Roger,

Just seen your message.

I used the 1 Meg Ram which I hired from Samco or Bob Brenchley.  I needed to test my ram disk code in my Personal Filing System.

I used the following code to test for the existence of the 1 meg ram.  There are further examples of using the 1 meg ram from Basic e.g. Format ram, load ram, save ram (to disk).  Just load the PFS to see the code, it's unprotected.

 IF PEEK DVAR 142 = 0: REM 1 MEG RAM expansion available AND not already loaded

Hope this helps!

regards Jack Gibbons