Is MakeTZX Dead?

I downloaded MakeTZX as I am trying to have some nostalgia with a Spectrum (I am not mentioning the C64, yet) but seem to have hit a wall.  The version I have, 2.(something or other), led me right down the garden path, right up until I tried a practice program sampled with Audacity.  I thought that I was gettig somewhere - to find MakeTZX does not work with a 64bit system (Windows).  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a work around? Is there a later version that I have missed, somewhere?

It's now at (I have updated the MakeTZX page) but I don't think it's been updated since 2.33.

There are more modern tools ( so you might have more luck with those!

Incidentally, I just tried it with the WAV of Defenders of the earth using MakeTZX V2.33W under 64-bit Windows 11 and it encoded fine (maketzx -a dote.wav dote.tzx) and ran in SimCoupé. The WAV was mono 44,100Hz 32-bit float according to Audacity.