Looking for a SAM - X68000 SWAP?



I've reached out on the Facebook group, but thought I would also post here on the forum.

I have a large computer/console collection and I am now looking for the last couple of systems I have a nostalgic connection with; Sam Coupe and Amiga 3000 (after our ZX Spectrum+ broke we were going to buy a SAM but then saw an Amiga running in the shop and went down that route).

I have a Sharp X68000 (Model CZ-600C) available to SWAP for a SAM. As I've got to the point in thinking that having multiple hardware backups seems pointless, I want to experience other systems.

Although I might be in a position to just buy the SAM if that suits the owner.

I am not a box or software collector. I am interested in good condition hardware, with a way of accessing the system's library to use the computer, rather than it just being a shelf queen 😀

I can certainly answer any questions regarding the X68000 or anything else.

I am based in Somerset, UK.

Many Thanks