Missing Games



Long time lurker who still needs to log his SAM serial!


Are there any games you're missing in the archive? I'm currently archiving my disks.


Thanks for this site. :)



Have a look at https://www.worldofsam.org/missing :)

Also there may be missing entries completely so if you find something then do a quick search and see if it's even mentioned.

If you want any help then just shout :)



I have a few of the games missing on there! (Colin Piggot has a bunch of them too).


I may have the only copy of Joystick Power left in existence!  Not that I'm going to shout it from the rooftops, but I did the "graphics" for it. I'm more proud of my work on Kaboom! - but we all know how that went (I've still got all the original artwork and a bunch of betas - but no finished version. I believe the last version I have still isn't the latest build floating around out there).


How can I get any missing images to you (for the archive)?

I've found one bimbling online that's missing.

Safari Sam


He's released the image himself.

I've tried updating archives and I don't seem to even have permission to post here!


I went through the whole process (screens, file, etc.) then it told me I didn't have permission and, as yet, it hasn't registered my changes and additions.



My posts don't show and when I added information and a .dsk image to a topic it told me I didn't have permission. :(