looking for the coder of a z80 dis-assembler

Hello people,

I am looking for the coder off a very good zx spectrum dis-assembler


I think its made by Martijn Groen.

If anyone ever meets Martijn Groen, could you mention the page and ask if he made it and if there is a final product.

about SAM,

i did Try a STACK builded Format routine for the MGT DISCiPLE interface, perhaps some migth like to have a look at it?


met vriendelijke groet


I am pretty confident that Martijn did not write this, it was beyond his coding skills at the time.

While looking for something else, I did come across Titan. Home Computing Weekly writes:

Slighly smaller than 5.5K, Titan can be loaded almost anywhere in RAM allowing you to examine non-relocatable code to run in the area for which it was written.

Unfortunately it is MIA.