The Etracker manual does mention a couple of sample programs for testing tune playback. They don't seem to appear on the disk. Is there perhaps an older version they may be on?

Basic.Play and Int-music


Read the section about the compiler on page 19 of the manual (which you seem to have done). You load the compiler, load your module and then merge the player routine, this provides an info screen with initialisation address and playback address.

You then save it.

I chose 32768 as address, which means the initialisation routine is at 32768 and the playback routine is at 32774. You can then:

10 clear 32767
20 load "mymod" code 32768
30 call 32768
40 call 32774: pause 1: goto 40

The 1.2 disk is definitely different from the two disks I had and contains all sorts of bits and pieces which I do not remember.

I have just samdisked both my original disks and attached them to the E-Tracker page, they still need to be approved by Andrew.  The 'int-music' basic program is on the 'e-tracker - program disk'.