Praise for

Gavin Smith on Mon, 2006-05-01 23:22.

World of SAM is a fantastic site and I’m so glad SAM now has a site like this to be proud of. Unfortunately like a lot of these sorts of projects, I didn’t really get the time and enthusiasm to do what I wanted to do as listed above, but it’s fantastic to see this site coming to life. Excellent work guys, I hope you keep it up.

Anonymous on Tue, 2006-05-02 10:23.

I’m realy impressed by this site it covers absolutly everything to do with Sam. I’ve had a Sam since ‘89 but keeping in mind that the Sams a third-party ‘cult’ computer, I kept hold of the machine despite the fact it became appartent that the machine was never gonna realy succeed…
Obviously like any other Sam user I kept up with the current technology of computers and consoles but still kept hold of the Sam as a second machine and still collect titles and use it tight up to this very day…
The Sam computer is a special machine that deserves respect and recognition - indeed this site breathes the life back into the machine at last….