Current Projects

Here are the list of what were the current projects on the old site

Current Software Projects:

Project Author Status Date Description
Sam uIP Adrian Brown Active   Port of Adam Dunkels’ uIP stack for the Trinity Ethernet Interface
SAM2_GB Johan Koelman & Adrian Brown Active   GameBoy Emulator
Search: “Hunchback” Search: “Taff” Active   Remake of OCEANS Hunchback

Current Hardware Projects:

Project Author Type Date Description
Trinity Ethernet Interface Colin Piggot Complete   Ethernet Interface with extras!
Mayhem Accelerator Colin Piggot Active   20Mhz plus accelerator add-on
Atom-Lite Edwin Blink Complete   Compact Flash ATOM storage device.

Hmm SAM2_GB... I had forgotten about that, not sure if Johan is still working on it.  When ive finished a few other bits i might have to see if I can take that on to finish it up.