Why a forum now?

The old worldofsam site didn't have a forum section - and that was quite deliberate. At the time, the sam-users mailing list was still quite popular and I didn't want to steal its audience.

Now in 2018 the situation has changed a bit. sam-users barely gets any traffic at all, and most discussion happens on a FaceBook groups. However a lot of people don't like using facebook, and content there feels ephemeral like it's there one day and gone tomorrow in a rush of timelines speeding by. It feels like it might be appropriate to try something a bit more searchable and permanent.

We'll see how it goes.

Fully agreed! I always wanted a forum and now we have one - thanks a lot!

On the German ZX forum http://forum.tlienhard.com/phpBB3/index.php there´s also a SAM section, but the German SAM community is fairly small, so I´m hoping for a wider audience here.

I shared the news about the World of SAM reboot and the new forum on the German ZX forum.

Fully agree with your comments above regarding Facebook. Good to see the new look site and forum. 

On the German forum some ideas came up, such as checkboxes for the software titles:

[] Mouse compatible

[] Trinity compatible


Maybe this is something to be considered.

I noticed a couple of times that the 'time ago' a post in the forum was made is displayed (sometimes) incorrectly. A post made yesterday looks like it's less than 12 hours old atm.

Feature request: can we have an upload button to add images to forum posts?