Triple Joystick?

@Mr.Blinky - have you any details on this, was it even true :-) ?

Pages added :-)

Who was coding the game - was it yourself?

Bringing back attention to the triple joystick spitter made me play around again with some ideas for a deluxe version.

Working on a PCB and CPLD design for a deluxe version that supports:

1) 2 Joystick normal behaviour. A joystick's 2nd fire button will register as 1st fire button as well.
2) 2 Joysticks where the 2nd fire button can be read out when both joysticks are read simultaniously.
3) 3 joysticks like 1 but when both joysticks are read simultaniously the 3rd joystick is read instead.
4) 1 joystick where 2nd fire button is read out as joystick 2 fire (so all joystick inputs map to normal keys)

The CPLD may be a bit overkill but I got a couple lying around in my part box and I'm a bit rusty at VHDL.  Will be a nice little project to catch up. I also want to use both buttons on my new Retroradionics Joystick :) Besides a 2nd button would be nice for a game conversion also on my project heap :P

Stay tuned...

I found Martijn's stuff supported the triple adapter too when pulling the docs for his emulators in the other day too :)