Jack Gibbons

Just commented in the Facebook group, I would ask if he would grant permissions / more info, but don’t want to point him to the old site. 


So... when is this site going live?

References page

Hi Stefan,

I had a look at World of Sam a few days back and spotted my name, so I thought I would contact you.

I have added more information in the product pages for a start and will provide further info later.

You asked about granting permissions. Well I am happy to make my software available for download Free Of Charge on World of Sam if that's what you mean.  

I have looked at SimCoupe, SamDisk etc to learn how to create a disk image and have booted my old XP PC with a floppy drive attached to get started...


See how we get on .....


I have uploaded Personal Banking System and Personal Filing System, so no longer MIA!