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Copyrights - granted


The Castle is a game I created on the Sam which was on a Samco birthday disk and then appeared in Fred magazine and Sam Adventure Club. All the graphics were drawn by me. It was developed from a Spectrum text only game which I made a couple of years earlier.

SAM copyrights


I give permission for the following SAM programs to be available for download -

Five On a Treasure Island,
SAM Adventure System.

C. Jordan.

Impostors copyright


From: Stephen McGreal

Hi Karel,

Thanks for your interest in IMPostors! - I wasn’t able to release the disk images for several years because of copyright issues, which is why you might find disk images of some of my other games but not that one. But those issues have been sorted out now, so here are the disk images. As with most of the old SAM Coupe stuff it’s basically freeware now, so feel free share it with anyone you think might be interested.

Stephen McGreal

Re: SAM Coupe Days of Sorcery


I understand your site is acting as an archive of software but needs permission to publish disk files.

If you have Days of Sorcery on a disk or disk image, then please take this email as permission to publish the disk image to your site, and if you would be able to provide it to me either by email or http/ftp etc, that would be fantastic.

Nigel Kettlewell

All my base r belong 2 u


All of my stuff is perfectly fine to distribute here (damn, wish I’d gotten around to this sooner).

ZUB-related material: The Pickford Bros have stated publicly that they’re fine with Zub-related things being out there as fan-efforts, but reserve the right to do nasty things who try to make money off it without talking to them, so we’re good there too.

Granted - Neil Holmes


From Neil Holmes by email 1 March 2010
I’m more than happy for it to be made avaialbe, along with anything else you have me credited for - especially if it means i can finally get a copy to play :)

Edwin Blink - Comet


From: Edwin Blink
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 15:11:07 +0200
Subject: Re: Attempts at 3d on the Sam?

——- Original Message ——-
From: “Andrew Collier”

>Edwin - i would it be okay by you, if I enable the download on WOS as

Go ahead you have my permission.


Vertex Software - Copyrights Granted


Dear SAM Fans…

I am very pleased to announce that I now consider the following of my work for the SAM Coupé to be regarded as Public Domain;

Review Disk Magazine (Issues 1 - 5)

MegaDisk #1 (Quix, Quix II, Math!, Le Box & Manic Mazes)

…under the condition that each disk be distributed in its original, unedited format. At the time of release in 1991, the rights to my MegaDisk #1 were signed over to SAMco, but since this company and all of its subsidiaries no longer exist, I now consider my contract with them to be null and void.

I am more than happy for my work for the SAM Coupé to be distributed freely, without charge. I would appreciate being informed when any of my software is distributed.

Many thanks, and enjoy!

Ron Stirling, 24NOV07

SamForth Copyright


Many years ago I wrote a program called SamForth.
As the copyright holder I can now confirm that it is FREEWARE.
I have lost the original source disks, but the program still exists, I believe, on a SAM Supplement CD.
If anyone wants to backwards engineer it for any reason, please feel free to do so.

John Avis

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