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SAM copyrights


I give permission for the following SAM programs to be available for download -

Five On a Treasure Island,
SAM Adventure System.

C. Jordan.

Andy Wright


I hereby allow distribution of all my SAM Coupé titles and associated
manuals freely on any site carrying such material.

Andrew J. A. Wright, 1st. October 2006

Prince of Persia ,Lemmings & Oh No More Lemmings


a few quotes from The Whitehouse website:

from the sam section:

“I consider all public domain, and request that they are
passed to others exactly as stored here with no modifications.”

and on the Lemmings and OHNO More lemmings pages:

“DMA Designs do hold the copyright’s to Oh No More Lemmings
And i only hold the Coding Converstion rights to the Sam Coupe Version.”

and from the prince of persia page:

“Domark/Broaderband do hold the copyright’s to Prince Of Persia
And i only hold the Coding Converstion rights to the Sam Coupe Version.

Stefan Drissen - Sophistry, SAM MOD player and the rest


All my SAM stuff may be freely downloaded and used.

Not entirely sure as to the copyright on Sophistry, since I programmed it but it was a port from the Speccy version. As far as I’m concerned, have it!

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