Nostalgia and Rum


I’d like to share my story of this evening. It’s rum fuelled, and maybe Dan will be deleting this when he next logs on, but actually, I think this sums up the SAM and how it sits in our consciousness.

Friday night in my house is curry night. Since having kids, the highlight of my week (other than spending time with kids obviously, shhhh) is curry night on a Friday. But tonight, I’ve also drunk some very nice rum, watched Marley, and scoured the internet for the SAM Coupe. I’m years and years overdue with the latter, but I’ve dipped in every now and again, I’ve just only really thought about it recently.

The SAM was a small, insignificant part of our lives. A failed Spectrum+++ with hardly any games.

But, actually, it was a really important part of my life. And yours, if you’re reading this. Weirdly so. I was the editor of FRED magazine for 3/8ths of its life. When I read the stuff I wrote as a teenager (which I did tonight), it’s pretty embarrassing, but actually, it’s also pretty incredible. The scene feels like a cult, a handful of celebrities in tiny little world, but a world that really, really mattered to everyone involved. And at the time I loved it, I really loved the job, and I loved the shows, and I loved the computer. I remember where I was when it suddenly didn’t matter any more. Shamefully it was with the lack of payment, and (in my eyes) the end of FRED.

But I’m delighted to see there’s still things going on. I’m delighted to see Colin Piggot is still producing stuff. It’s mind-boggling to think that’s happening, but also I’m giddy like a kid. And ashamed of myself for walking away so easily.

The SAM Coupe is also really fucking expensive on EBay. Balls. Where did mine go? Ballllllls.

So hats off to anyone still turning up here and reading this. I’ll be in touch. Sorry I’ve left it so long.

Colin (an unpopular name in the real world, but an incredibly common name in the SAM world) Anderton

This is how we roll

Amen, brother.

P.S. I’m honoured that you think I am root@wos but this is Andrew’s bag - I merely wrote some stuff :)

welcome back!

Good to see you around - although it does bring up a ‘oh dear, has it been that long’…

And ‘curry’ brings up a happy Gloucester memory :-)

Nostalgia and Rum

I know what you mean by writing embarrassing stuff! I revisited SamCo NewsDisk 2 to remind myself of some things I wrote to Sam Computers back in 1992 . One of my letters appeared in the letters section. I remember asking what does SAM actually stand for. Son of Alan Miles? Serial Accessing Machine? Stupendous Amazing Microcomputer? To which David Ledbury replied that the 3rd one is pretty close!

SAMs Name...

It was actually “Some Amazing Micro”.

Coupe, for the car-like side profile, with the blue feet being wheels.

And also apparently after an ice-cream!

An ice-cream??

An ice-cream??

Re: An ice-cream?

Yeap. ‘Ice cream coupés’ at a restaurant if I remember correctly.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Magazines and more for the SAM Coupe
1995-2013 - Celebrating 19 Years of developing for the SAM Coupe
Website: Twitter: @QuazarSamCoupe

Yes, according to Alan Miles

Yes, according to Alan Miles in the ZAT interview, it was named after an ice cream as well :)

Happy Memories

So many happy memories with my Sam. I still have both mine and my brothers in storage but they could do with a clean up!

I remember going up to a Sam show in Gloucester and meeting the Quazar guys up there amongst others.

Also had the privilege of my Duck Hunt game being featured on FRED55!! I was so pleased with that at the time.

I have now played it on SimCoupe and i’m sure my drawing of a Duck was better than that hehe.

I’ve just finsihed putting together a Spectrum+ with a raspberry pi inside it ( Really tempted to do the same with a Sam, but I don’t think I could bring myself to taking one apart!


Where has the time gone?

Hey everyone, Andy Monk here.

I thought I’d join in the conversation! It’s one of those “let’s be nostalgic” evenings, so I thought I’d do a bit of Sam Googling, in the hope I can recall the stuff I used to be so passionately involved in!

The Sam was a huge huge part of my younger years. I adored writing music, and messing with machine code. What I need is an emulator and all the issues of Fred, and the handful of games that came out.

Now, where do I start?

Getting started

Umm… here? :-)

- Sim Coupe
- Fred - go the related pages, for example Fred 36

And then update your page:

- Andy Monk


No way great man at Fred, you and Colin are great!

Think that I’m a Sinclair user since Dec’83 and I got My first MGT device in Dec’86 (Disciple) and I got All Sw about it since his commercial dead in 1993.

We were OUTSOFT and Squonk From ITALY.

Think That the Sam for us Was a super Spectrum but It COMES when…we All just got a 16 bit since 1987…like Atari St….so It Was for no One of us.

We SEE All about Sam From his first light since his commercial dead that were coincidentally like the Speccy.

But Now…After 20 years I decide to buy a Sinclair 128k in mint condition and re-create All My past World.

And…I decided to make another MAD project….have in My hand a jewel of My Myth of MGT…The Sam Coupe…All that I’ve missed in the Speccy World :-)

So I bought One practically New and contact Quazar for sent me All that I need to use and expand it.

And I want to loose myself watching and trying All about Sam Coupè!!!

I’m buying Colin magazine and Fred too so I will learn All about your great Work.

Please come Back, we need you!!!

We need people like you!!!

Like I Never left the Zx Spectrum Italian MAILING LIST and we Also Keep in touch with it.

Best wishes!!!


Reading this takes me back

Reading this takes me back to when I purchased my SAM back in June 1990 after reading the positive reviews in ACE and Your Sinclair magazines.I went to every computer shop in Norwich and King’s Lynn with no luck and every store assistant telling me not to bother buying one and buy an Amiga instead( it wasn’t just the software houses and certain magazines that seemed to be against the SAM). Ironically after ringing M.G.T I found a shop supplying SAM’S just a few kilometres away.

The very next day I got my hands on one, spending the next month or so waiting for any news as to when Strider would be released and trying in vain to load as many Spectrum games as possible. Then whilst reading my Your Sinclair mag whilst doing my paper round finally a SAM game Defenders Of The Earth,only then to discover M.G.T went into receivership.

There did seem a period from the end of 1990 to the middle of 1991 that maybe the SAM could take off and that there would be a flow of games but alas it was not to be. I love the fact that the SAM had its own unique cult following,It felt similar to supporting an underground rock band that the mainstream were not familiar with i.e R.E.M 1982-1986, I used to like the raised eyebrows I use to get when I used to say I owned one. Happy days and the SAM will always remain my favourite computer.

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