Games that weren't

Several software houses announced titles for the Sam, which never appeared. The earliest of these earned a particular notoriety.

“Y’know, we’ll be starting our first SAM game soon? Oh yes, we’re doing Treasure Island Dizzy. We’re taking the original Oliver Twins speccy code and slamming in graphics from the Atari ST version. It should look excellent, and play a lot faster due to the increased running speed of the Sam.” - David Darling, Crash 73, February 1990.

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“We’re getting a very experienced programmer at Tiertex called Chris Brunning to produce a SAM version of Strider for us. Supposedly it’ll only take two weeks using our existing Speccy code and ST graphics, but we’ll have to see. In my mind I picture it looking a bit like a Konix console game - lots of colours, but without the resolution of the ST, so it’ll all look a bit duller and flatter. It’s a bit of a try-out for us - if it does really well we’ll be happy to continue to support it, but we could still come across any number of problems” - David Baxter, Development Manager at US Gold, Your Sinclair 51, March 1990.

Read the full quote from Your Sinclair in March 1990, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.

F-16 Combat Pilot

The F-16 game was quite far developed (review) when it was released on a YS covertape. Does anbody know who started develop it? Could it be rescued?

covertape demo

The covertape demo (which I think was on Crash, possibly YS as well though) just says “Programmed by Revelation for Digital Integration” so I don’t know…

F16 Combat Pilot demo

I dont know of what just me who was stuck with a bugged up demo but I couldnt actualy do anything on this demo…..did anyone else out there get anywhere with their demo?

The instructions were in the

The instructions were in the scrolly - this has now been added to WOSam under F-16 Combat Pilot.

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