Manic Miner


Matthew Holt

Frantisek Fuka

1992 (not yet approved)

Miner Willy’s Back!!!

Revelation presents everybody’s favourite platform game, the classic MANIC MINER. This brand new version has been programmed by a newcomer to the Sam games scene Matthew Holt and is now three times bigger than the original versions with 40 totally new “caverns” with wierd and wonderful titles such as “Trainspotter’s Paradise”, “The Haunted House” and “The Twilight Zone”. All of the original 20 levels are there as well!

Manic Miner features Sam quality graphics and a super stereo soundtrack courtesy of Czech programming ace Frantisek Fuka.

Your Sinclair review, courtesy of The YS Rock ‘n’ Roll Years.

Crash review, courtesy of

Included on the coverdisk with Sam Revival issue 9.

The new 40 levels where designed mostly by Matthew Holt and David Ledbury - some additional levels were created users, via a competition run on the SAM Coupe Hotline - and included designs from numerous SAM users.

On the main menu screen, hold down the keys Z, A and T and press RETURN at the same time. Now when you are on the game screen hold down L, F and C for a second. Now if everything has gone to plan, the following keys will work:



Only half the cheat mode will work… for fun - try the NMI button :)

Manic Miner - The Lower Caverns

Anyone remember the updated version of Manic Miner as featured on one of the later FRED disks? I dont ever remember this materialising, it had avdanced graphics and sound, apparently making full use of the Sams 512k memory…it certainly looked better, I wish I could get my hands on this - not something you ever hear about


There was a demo released, without permission, on Fred - of a forthcoming mega-mix release of Manic Miner - The Lower Caverns.

A bit of background to this for you….

After the demise of SAMCo, the programmer of SAM Manic Miner never recieved a single penny from this game. Now - don’t forget that this is perhaps the third biggest selling game on SAM (after Prince Of Persia and Lemmings) … and with apparently the “official” source of “Revelation” software finding a pre-duplicated source of disks from the original Revelation.

(Of course, as these disks used professional quality printed labels, where SAMCo used a trusty dot-matrix to print all disks from Newsdisks to Sound Machines… this is rather unlikely…)

Anyway, as Matthew Holt never recieved a penny.. a plan was devised to try and get a better idea of the numbers of copies sold. Quite a simple one… an updated version of the game, which was going to cost next-to-nothing (probably only 1-2 pounds…) which would be available to any customer who returned the ORIGINAL disk to Phoenix Software Systems (who had been granted the rights by Matthew Holt

The customer would get more levels to play with, for a low price, and the author would have more of an idea on what he was owed in royalties from naughty sales of his software….

I’m updating the trivia

I’m updating the trivia with this juicy titbit but I’m struggling with exactly what happened.

1. SamCo owned Relevaltion and had a big pile of disks with printed labels.
2. When SamCo goes under PSS get the rights to Manic and they have professional printed disks.
3. Someone is offloading the old SamCo stock without paying rights to PSS/Matthew Holt.
4. PSS devise the cunning scheme to find out how many titles have been shipped, presuming the amount of pukka discs shipped pre SamCo crash are known.

Is this right?

I think the implication is

I think the implication is that step 3 = Someone, claiming to be merely offloading the old SamCo stock, is duplicating brand new Manic Miner disks without paying rights to PSS/Matthew Holt

Except SAMCo only duplicated

Except SAMCo only duplicated disks as they needed them… I remember the fun of duplicating the first issue’s of the Newsdisk on SAMCo’s SAMS…. oh that was fun!

I can vouch for that, we

I can vouch for that, we only duplicated as and when they were needed, to my knowledge there was no stockpile, and yes we did use a dot matrix printer to do the labels

Definately. That printer was

Definately. That printer was a real workhorse.. very noisy though :)

(Which Andy is that btw? Nice to see a face from SAMCo! Where you the one who worked with Adrian?)

I worked downstairs with

I worked downstairs with Charles Gill on support but i did a few other things, my name is on the AstroBall loading screen (Claim to fame)

Think I remember Andy in

Think I remember Andy in passing - yes, that work horse was churning out as many disks as it could - in the tail end of the large room opposite side to the despatch one I think, the one that Adrian was packaging SAMS ready to go :)


pity we cant get +d hacker to work and be accessed from the 48 emulators available or get the 48 code from 32768 running in hmpr c&d but from external ram - wouldn’t it work if there was no paging or ay stuff?
be nice if the screen had a bright grid on it maybe a different colour for the first column however wide it is set by the user and if it could continue no matter how wide the column was just display the rest of ram as best it can back at the top of the screen on and on maybe need bright blu and bright green for second column ?

pity we can’t understand

pity we can’t understand what you’re talking about.


u dont look at the links to youtube? there isnt much point in making the videos then is there mind you if folks do want to see stuff then it wasn’t such a bad idea?
had over a thousand views on some of them…
+d hacker the graphics appear in one column only they dont use the full screen to repeat more than one column or use a bright grid and different colour paper for the second column would make it easier no?

bright grid:!/?cid=1c842d5b23e1e0e2&sc=documents&uc=3&id=1C842D5B23E1E0E2%21576!cid=1C842D5B23E1E0E2&id=1C842D5B23E1E0E2%21937&sc=documents

so you can see where the attribtue squares are only sam lets you use bright and non bright in the same square speccy didn’t
unless you have seen zub which does have bright off white text on a bright white background any ideas? interlaced mebbe?

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