Some help


I was messing about with comet assembler tonight and tried a simple routine to display some data on the screen one worked a treat the other killed my routine but they should have both done exactly the same. The difference was on the first routine i done all the paging etc, then displayed my data then paged out, worked fine ! however when i moved a routine out of the main loop to be called by a CALL statement to display the data this killed it.

I know the above is vague but i didnt want to display both routines here as i feel it may have been too much but i have the routines in question zipped up from a DSK file to be used with COMET if anyone could help

Many thanks in advance



Sure, email me the files (my address is on the Andrew Collier page) and I’ll see if I can tell what’s going wrong.

The Sam Users Mailing List is also a good place to ask this sort of question.

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