COMET assembler



Edwin Blink (81.48 KB)

COMET is a Z80 assembler designed to make full use of the SAM Coupe’s screen and memory capabilities, on both 256K and 512K machines, with at least one disk drive. COMET works with SAMDOS or MASTERDOS.


  • Very fast full screen editor.
  • Uses no line numbers for source.
  • Can handle source files over 400K (512K SAM).
  • Object code can be put everywhere in the 512K internal memory.
  • Code files over 400K can be merged from disk in to the object code on assembling.
  • Source files up to 24K can be included from disk on assembling.
  • On line command handler and calculator.

Download the PDF from Wolfgang Haller (based on Edwin Blink’s original SAM file)