The Secretary



A N Stevens

1992 (not yet approved)

Word Processor

daft menu system

pity no 32 column screen support
64kb text file on a 512kb machine
tasword +2 had 64kb text file mail merge and was a breeze after tascon +d had done its work - it only needed a little mode 3 support or a single proportional font

re: tasword +2

I don’t think there would have been much benefit in porting Tasword +2, per se. Once you’ve rewritten the memory code to handle large files on Sam’s different paging system, and rewritten the screen handling code to support Mode 3; well, there’s very little left to be any more use than starting again from the beginning.

A proportionally spaced font would have been a very big change in the program as well; several of these programs (and I think Tasword is included) made the assumption that every line would be exactly 64 characters long (and padded it with spaces) so that it could quickly calculate screen positions at later points in the document. Adding a proportionally spaced font would be a very fundamental change to the program as it would break that assumption.

Millenium bug anyone?

Just noticed the brilliant year calculation in the screen shot… But then again I do not blame the author for assuming no one would be using this product eight years in the future.

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