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In the same wasy that MasterDOS was the update to SamDOS then MasterBasic was the same to Sam Basic.

This program provides major enhancements to the SAM Coupe’s editing, data-handling, sound, graphics and printing capabilities.

PDF Manual Scan at

Review by Tim Paveley from the Sam Coupé Scrapbook

I’ve already got a BASIC on my Sam, why do I need a new one?

A-ha! It’s not a new BASIC at all, but rather an Extension to the one you’ve already got, as well as doing up your DOS slightly, and generally improving things.

Okay, I’ll go through it’s features one at a time for you, and you can see what you like the sound of.

Editting & Debugging

Okay, for a start we have options to move the cursor left and right by a whole Word (deliminated by spaces). There is also a small buffer, allowing you to recall the last few lines you have typed in. There is the option to join and split program lines.

There are several commands that allow you to search through the program, and to alter references (i.e. variable names). You can search through the program, calling lines in the edit buffer that contain the reference, or print the line numbers of each line containing the reference.

You can now trace through your program, either a line at a time, or a line every so often. When tracing through a program, the line and statement number are shown at the bottom of the screen.

There are also a couple of general speed improvements

Data Handling

You can now recall a string to be re-edited. ie if you have INPUTed a long string, and then noticed an error, you can recall the string and change it.

There is a very nice SORTing command, that allows you to do all sorts of sorting, using different parts of the string to sort by.

You can join strings and string arrays together, as well as selectivally deleting parts of them.

There is quite a nice command for searching String arrays, simular to INSTR in many respects.

There is a USING$ command to allow formatted output.

It is also possible to use strings to store numbers in, using up less memory than the number in it’s normal form, especially if you don’t nee much accuracy.

Oh, and a command to force upper/lower case


Interupt driven sound, by saving SOUND commands to a string (simular to BLITZ, but plays happily in the background, while you get on with things.)


Improved PUT and GRAB, including the ability to swap the PUT data with the bit of screen it is replacing. Copy Screen, alter displayed screen halfway down the page. Addition set of UDG’s for BLOCKS command. A speccy coloured CLS command. More flexible CSIZE command (upto 248*173), scaled in units of 8.


Interupt driven printing, Seriel Input/Output, More flexible DUMP command.

Structured Programming

The ability to ‘HIDE’ sections of basic. These are safe from NEW, and LOAD, and don’t get SAVED. Ideal if you have a set of useful functions that you often use.

Some more EXIT commands:- EXIT PROC, EXIT DO, EXIT FOR.

DOS Enhancements

File Compression, a command to save the DOS file, faster MERGE option (for certain conditions), faster DIR.

MasterDOS Specific - Faster RAMDisks, Alter Device numbers directly (without poking DVARS), Alternative syntax for COPY etc (replace TO with a comma), Additional FSTAT’s, and more.

A couple of other improvements, and new commands are also available, as well as a load of XVAR’s (MasterBASIC System Variables).


There is a lot in there, though I imagine quite a bit of it you may not actually use, I know I don’t. I find bits of it useful, but it’s probably worth trying to decide how much you’d use before you rush out and buy it. Very good though, and the Editting/Debugging stuff is very useful.

source code

hi, is the asm listing of the mb available?

bbc basic rom?

It is dreadful so please try the hdf file link and try it in Sim Coupe.
You need to load the .hdf image into Sim Coupe Atom Lite drive & then boot a BDOS disk. I’m uploading my simple BASIC program - not MasterBASIC yet - also there’s no chance of combining BDOS, MasterDOS & MasterBASIC somehow please - ‘fraid it is much faster thanks to the fast disc access but who knows maybe one day a Z80DMA will help things along!

.hdf file here u need BDOS too and then a simple screen displayer program something like for f = 1 to 31 load f next f record +1 etc

could atom lite BDOS be MasterDOS Net and external ram compatible?
two sams composite outputs has fried TV
if one atom lite booted and switched screen off could second on be booted such that the two machines used line interrupts:
0 - 95 screen on
96 - 192 screen on

would this still destroy the TV

does 2x UHF sam outputs combined destroy TV also?
auto program to run screns no bdos though you need edwin blink site for that

atom lite hdf file here:3.6mb

There’s also a link to the hi deff ati video but it’s a whopping 200mb+ download so couple of hours from wonderful BT Broadband pay full price get 1% of what you pay for.

It’s a rom so it won’t work as it needs to page the 48 rom - also its only microdrive compatible and i can’t get it to work in a n emulator which I thought might have been possible

Can’t get a 48 emualtor to use the external 1mb of Sams ram for the top 32768 bytes of the 48 snapshot either help!

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