Fred 11

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Issue 11a

MenuSimon Cooke
Magazine Blue Alpha Joy Mouse released
Freviews Sambus, GM-Calc, Flexipage, Klax
Muzik madnessMike AJSelection of music
Scrollers unlimitedAxe, Dan Dooré, John Hancock, Joao Nuno CoelhoCollection of scrollers
Disc messageSimon CookePut messages on discs
DrumzAndy MonkSynthesised drum sounds
MC pt 6Steve TaylorROM routines; vectors
MandlebrotsMike AJSelection of mandelbrots
Sound to lightSimon CookeConverts music to screen patterns
Sliding puzzleNick HumphriesTraditional sliding puzzle game
Last standAxe2 player shoot-em up (1 on 1)
Road signsAxeWhat they really mean…
Spinning thingDan DooréBlitz$ Graphical demo
PolyhedraDan DooréGraphical demo
Big TextAndy MonkGiant font
Digital ClockScott NeillGiant digital clock display
Multi-fontAndy MonkScreen character sets
Vertical ScrollerDan DooréSmooth vertical scroller in Basic
MGT’s Demise Article on MGT’s downfall.

Issue 11b

MenuJon Mills
Sound-light 2J WhittonConverts music to screen patterns
Trip-a-tron 3AxeColour-cycling effects
FlashyAxeHumorous demo
Sound gen.AxeProduces user-definable sounds
Disassembler Returns object code to assembly
It’s magicMasters of MagicDemo/advert
Purge: No Way Back 2Masters of MagicPlayable demo of game
Encounters pt 3AxeZeb green tries driving
Bubbles??Mike AJMusic/gfx from bubble bobble
ParadoxicalAxeOptical illusions
The mad tankAxeSmall animated tank
RocketAxeZeb Green in space!
Whirly ThingAxeScroller Animated whirly thing


Purge: No Way Back 2 by the Masters of Magic eventually became Parallax.

FRED disk magazine - FADE space shooter best space games on Sam?

Anyone out there know which the best games are on the FRED disks? I would be intersted to find out what the best quality games are if anyone knows the FRED disks well. Out of the few FRED disks I played about with, I found Fade, Mushies, Samtris & Captain Comic were the best ones - I actualy thought Fade was a better quality game than Sphere and Paralax put together, despite the bugs and slow down. Maybe Fade should be re-programmed to counter act the slow down and bugs and given an intro and maybe a few more advanced features - this would be well worth a go I reckon, maybe Colin Piggot should have a dab hand at this re-release it on one of his Sam Revival disks in the future….


FADE was written using just GamesMaster. Runs nice and smoothly with no slowdown with the Mayhem - just tried it after seeing this post!

I am a fan of Sphera though, using MODE2 was a nice trick for speed and the landscapes were drawn very well despite the cell limitations. I personally wouldn’t have minded a bit of colour clash to give the sprites a small bit of colour.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the Sam Coupe
April 1995-2006 - Celebrating 11 Years of developing for the Sam Coupe


Would have been a nice game to play had it of made use of colour - I actualy liked playing Sphere but couldnt help noticing it looked too much like a speccy game

It was one game that was

It was one game that was talked about for a MiDGET enhanced version :)

Now that would have been something!

Once I get around to

Once I get around to cataloging the remaining 70-odd disks they will be searchable in the index, as for quality I’ll chuck in some random superlatives to make them more noticable.

Games & Demos on the FRED disks

Even today I find lots of entertaiment to be had out of the FRED disks - theyre the coolest thing any Sam owner could ever have for their machine - some of the user games on the disks are far better than the proper third part ones - but its the demos that are truly amazing - pure quality musical & graphical productions that push the Sam to its limits. I’ve collected PD over the years for Amiga & PC but they dont come close to the quality of production of demos found on many of the FRED disks, you would be forgiven for thinking you were on a 16 bit machine - they are a true asset to the Sam Coupe, if ever anyone out there had a reason to buy a rare, weird (if somewhat useless!) piece of kit like the Sam the FRED disks are it! No Sam user should be without them, a true keepsafe for years to come.

Well… I wouldn’t say

Well… I wouldn’t say useless exactly… just could do with a speed increase (like Mayhem for example :))

As for magazines - don’t forget others like Enceladus, SAM Newsdisk, Blitz - or Soundbyte of course.. but there where many more as well… Fred was always a great magazine however!

David Ledbury - SAM Memories Site coming soon…. :


Well, Soundbyte was one of the other longest running disk mags, with 76 issues to date (1995 - 2004) which are still all available, and i’ve not ruled out producing more issues in the future, just that with Sam Revival and development of new things time is never on my side.

The difference with Soundbyte compared to other general disk mags was the content was all specifically for the use with the Quazar Surround soundcard, with games (plenty of fresh original games from myself and other authors, and Soundbyte even featured Quazar Surround enhanced versions of other commercial games), plenty of sound demos (8 bit, 16 bit, surround sound, compressed audio, interactive audio etc..) and sound related utilities.

It was my goal from the start with the Quazar Surround that for any piece of hardware to survive it had to have the software support it deserved.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the Sam Coupe
April 1995-2006 - Celebrating 11 Years of developing for the Sam Coupe

santa crime or so

there was a shoot’em up where flying santa fighted against everything, dunno exact name or issue of Fred (i am 25km out of my Sam now), but i use to play it a lot, funny and fast enough.

santa crime or so

There were two - Santa goes Psycho, and the sequel Santa goes Psycho 2. Both written by Matt Round in GamesMaster.

Quazar : Hardware, Software, Spares and Repairs for the Sam Coupe
April 1995-2006 - Celebrating 11 Years of developing for the Sam Coupe

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