Sam C


Fred Publishing


1996 (not yet approved) (not yet approved)

A fully featured ‘Small C’ rather than ANSI C impementation for the CoupĂ© with a WIMP based IDE and the Zeus Assembler for compilation.

Additional Libraries called ‘Sam VISION’ were released commercially to add the WIMP interface to Sam C programs.

SAM C PDF manual scan at

SAM Vision PDF manual scan at

Compilation can be vastly speeded up by utilising a Ram Disk to hold the libraries that are accessed in the first pass of compilation.

CONIO.H has no CSIZE function despite docs

Hi. Though stated in the manual, this Sam C version I’ve got has no CSIZE function as far as I can see. (Version: 4.21 October 1995)

Is there another version? What baffles me is the manual is older, so is it possible that the function was removed from the later version?

In case there are more Sam C versions available out there, is there an updated manual?

EDIT: sprintf and strlen not working too?? “stdio.h” is there

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