RAMSOFT is an Italian Spectrum demogroup funded in 1987. We have been proud Speccy users since 1984 and, as you can see, we have never stopped to support this wonderful machine through the years. We have coded many little intros (mainly for game releases), converted lots of multiload games to the DISCiPLE/+D systems and made some tools (mostly for our internal use). However, we have never released any of our works to the international scene, so you hardly heard about us before.

Just for the chronicles, today our equipment consists in:

  • 2 Spectrum 128K (black), 2 Spectrum 48K, 1 Spectrum 48K+
  • 2 DISCiPLE with disk 2 disk drives
  • Interface I + 2 microdrives and nearly 10 cartridges
  • InfraRed Kempston joystick
  • Music Machine (8 bit DAC + MIDI)
  • Seikosha GP 50S printer (not fully working)