Michael Andrews


Mike AJ


Responsible for many sample demo disks and E-Tracker tunes Released by himself under AJ Incorporates and Phoenix Software Systems.

Made his own modification to allow a Romantic Robot VideoFace, a ZX Spectrum digitizer to work on a SAM.

Provided a few tunes to Entropy, wrote some timer/NMI-based routines and demos re audio (sample and etracker) playback plus video/audio capture + playback.  Think I did some of the Creature Comforts shorts any maybe a few film clips.

Attended the “trade shows” at Royal Horticultural Halls for several years selling floppies and chatting to fellow attendees.

(and supported by a good friend Pete Clark at that time for soldering, ideas and having fun with audio sampling and playing games :))

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Custom mods to get video capture hardware working on Coupé.

Low level hacks and tweaks for sample playback, etracker/music playback and some alt display modes.

Hand-conversion by ear if not by tracker data of my fave Amiga tunes to etracker.

Where are they now?

Worked at EMI Records, then Universal Music, currently at Sony PlayStation.