Metempsychosis logo... looking a lot like a similarly-named software publisher's logo...


Software house run by Nathan Reynolds. Published mostly free/PD demos/disk magazines

Metempsychosis PD Mag

Where are they now?

"Metempsychosis was formed by myself when I left RTJ-Soft (being a 3
person effort with me doing a majority of the work). Being very young at
the time, quite a bit of the work appears plagiarised [sic] now;
however; I think that's a complement to all those I borrowed from. Yet,
quite a bit of the work is also original. Metempsychosis released about
five PD Mags and lots of varying quality Demo Disks. We were mainly
recognised for our film demos, mostly because we were using an
Archimedes to digitise them, and therefore had a full sixteen colour

  Happy days, I remember setting-up store at a few All Formats' Shows
meeting lots of people and genuinely learning quite a bit. After the
shows, I'd run up an expensive phone bill; discussing the next show and
material with Adrian Parker of Blue Alpha Electronics.

  Anyway. Enjoy. Comments, nostalgia, chats, gossip, arcade design,
linux, and especially Information Security discussions to"

  -- Nathan Reynolds."

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