KAPSA club


Group from the Czech Republic that produced Kapsa Disk Magazine.

Some information form the The Best Of Kapsa disk:

Hello Everybody, Maybe you want to know what KAPSA is.

Okay, it's a name for:
- Czech diskmagazine for Sam 512 Kb
- the only-club for SAM in Czech republic
- SAM fans in Czech republic, members of club

Czech republic is the small state in the midlle of midlle Europe. There lives 9,000,000 people and 300 of them owns Sam. On this disk are the best programms from Kapsa 1 to Kapsa 5.

It's made especially for England. Hope to see you having fun with it.
Kapsa is the only legal publisher for Sam in Czech country. Here is it's offer of utilities and games :

 a) for Sam

- EDI-PRO; (100%) professional text editor, working with two text, each of them can be long about thousandlines, proportional print, each line can use different font.

 - ARCHIEVING PROGS; (85%) comprimating programms, very fast and effective. This disk have been comprimated by LZ-PACK, one of them. Screens have been compramated by SCREENCOMP.  ARCHIV 2 is the other packing programm and it's good for packing of whole disk.

 - MF-PRINT; (79%) printing utility, good design and a lot of various fonts, proportional printing.For Epson and compatible.

–BOGGLE BUBBLE; a bit logical game, good graphics. Move the pink bublle and collect all bombs. Graphics: 90% Music: 69% Idea: 65% Playbility: 78%

b) for Speccy
 - ANCIENT FIGHTERS; a dungeon game, Move three warriors by dungeons of Roma and defeat the empire ofbad. Graphics: 75% Idea: 55% Playbility: 78%

 - Tetris III; classical game, except some differents - you don't move a brick, but a fly,which catchs falling bricks, rotates them and throw 'em down. Ithas a lot of levels, in some you fullfill your quota, in someyou destroy all bricks. Some levels you become a fish and bricksgoes up throw a water. You may play 2 players game. Graphics: 60% Idea: 92% Playbility: 99%

Kapsa club makes every year international meeting called SAMCON. The last SAMCON was third. The first was made before one year and my opinion is it was very good SAMCON. There was avery very good mood and there was all SAM users like a one big family. The second SAMCON was made on the October. It was quite average. There was twice more people then on the first one. The last SAMCON was more commercial then the first ones. It was sponsored by some companys which distributates software in ourc ountry for Speccy and Didaktik (the czech clone of Speccy).It was a lot bigger then the first ones. There was a lot of Speccy fans. I liked it. Hope to see you everybody on the SAMCON IV, made from 29th till 1st May.

The KAPSA's hardware fans are interested in some informations about ic IM26C91 which you may see in RS232. I twill be very kind from you if you will send it to us. We read Mr. Gordon is preparing the new ASIC for SAM. That's pity we don't have any contact to him, but maybe he will be interested in it that in Czech republic prepare of new ASIC cost cca pound 2500.

Kapsa cooperates with Arxon computers and Sinclair Club Ostrov. Arxon computers is a company which distributates and sells computers like PC AT or sells disks, joysticks, graphic cards etc. Till 1991 it was distributor of Sam, and it's probably one of the reasons why they are interested in Sam.

Sinclair Club Ostrov is one of the last Sinclair club in Czech republic. Unfortunately, it's not in Prague, and so some members coming to study in Prag are taking asylum in Kapsaclub. We together have a lot of plans in future and we hope wew ill be able to do them all.

Just it's a time to tell you something about some people from Kapsa:

Jiří Vávra he incorporated Kapsa and just he is it's boss. Hobby: computers Programming in: Basic, Assembler Computers: Sam, Speccy

Alena 'Ája' Vávrová the wife of Jiří Vávra, the secretary of Kapsa club, teacher of Math and Physic. Hobby: reading Programming in: Basic Computers: Sam, Speccy

Robert 'Zest' Vozka one of the first members of Kapsa club, just he is a clerk of the club. He is studing economy. Hobbies: girls and jokes Programming in: Basic, Assembler Computers: Sam, Amiga

Richard Haramule the main hardware fan, he invoted and builded a lot of strange things for Sam and Speccy. Hobbies: Hardware, Eating Programming in: Basic, Assembler Computers: Sam and Sam

Jaroslav Krejčí the boss of Speccy section, student of chemistry university. Hobbies: organizating Programming in: Basic Computers: Speccy 48K, PC 386 SX

Michal Kurka a sympatic Sam fan with a lot of very good ideas, student ofengeener university. Hobby: cyclyng, swimming and other sports Programming in: Basic, Assembler, Borland C+ Computers: Sam

Marián Krivoš the most productive programmator of Kapsa. Author of Edi-pro and comprimating progs. He's preparing a lot of others, like Small C+, which will be very soon completed and released. Hobbies: programming, traveling, beer Programming in: Basic, Assembler, Borland C+ Computers: Sam

Josef Prokeš crazy Sam fan, student of law and correspondent with Endgland. Hobby: reading Programming in: Basic, Assembler, Pascal Computers: Sam, Speccy 48K

Štĕpán Vávra a son of Jiří Vávra student of highschool, correspondent with Endgland. Hobbies: Writing, reading, english, ships and girls Programming in: Basic, a small bit Assembler Computers: Sam and Speccy 48K

Er, I think it's me. If you will want to contact Kapsa, or some member of it, please, write at adress:

 KAPSA club
 Norská 24
 PRAHA 10,
 Vršovice 101 00
 Czech republic

Thanks goes to: Mr. Miles, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Wright for SAM Phil Glover our english friend, Marián Krivoš for compressing, Josef Prokeš for help with translating ... and all people who bought Sam