SAM2SAM anyone have any conent?

Hi, i am 49 this year. I ran Sam2Sam with Johna Pig Teare all those years ago,   both of us still at school at the time or early college  years.  Jonna lived in Isle of Man and myslef in Yorkshire Donny

I have none of the disks left that i did keep (long story why i dont have them any more and wont bore)            brilliant to see this site,  and for me (dunno about Jonno and obviously who took over the magazine from us)  but for me id love all of it to be public domain now.    if it cant be, could i at least see what we blood n sweated into and for what we have great memories.  anyone help?

and my mates still remember snailrace   pmsl!!!    it was shite but fun!!!

SAM2SAM is currently MIA unfortunatly, although any background to add to the SAM2SAM page would be welcome!