After having scratched my head quite a bit as to which B-DOS version is which, I've added 4 sub pages to B-DOS covering:

  • 1.5a
  • 1.5a ATOM-Lite
  • 1.5t
  • 1.7q

The main B-DOS page still has a download link for 1.7q - can this be removed?

References page



I have a number of programs written in SAM Basic + MasterBasic routines and I would like to use the Trinity Interface.

So my question is - has anyone tried to use MasterBasic with B-DOS?

Initially I would have to Load the MB code in an AutoBoot program  as we cannot attach the code to the B-DOS code.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!




Stefan that is just what I have been looking for the only thing I want to see added is that after bdos&masterdos&masterbasic have been combined that they detect the external 1mb and use it 4 master basic program space does this make sense, so that the basic programs run at rom speed?

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Hi Roger,

Just seen your message.

I used the 1 Meg Ram which I hired from Samco or Bob Brenchley.  I needed to test my ram disk code in my Personal Filing System.

I used the following code to test for the existence of the 1 meg ram.  There are further examples of using the 1 meg ram from Basic e.g. Format ram, load ram, save ram (to disk).  Just load the PFS to see the code, it's unprotected.

 IF PEEK DVAR 142 = 0: REM 1 MEG RAM expansion available AND not already loaded

Hope this helps!

regards Jack Gibbons

Yeah thanks for that that detects the 1mb but how do we poke basic code from internal into external ram who would know?



sorry folks me again this link is sort of busted did anyone download and keep it somewhere please

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Google Chrome dropped ftp support in version 82. The link works fine when using Firefox, or use an ftp client like Filezilla.

after installing firefox on my fone it says cannot download this file type...go figure!