MB03+, advanced interface related to the SAM Coupé



The author of this ultimate device is very open to new add-ons and extensions, incl. memory/port mapper, ZX-Blitter or ULAX, already promised to implement Coupé´s palette and also, partly, graphics modes.

This interface is not cheap but much more powerful than any other expansion. It is compatible with all original ZX Spectrums and most popular clones. Its FPGA-core does not support SAM Coupé yet. I intend to make it work with our beloved Coupé. If you are interested in connecting the MB03+ with the SAM Coupé, please let me know.

Regards, J. (sam.speccy.cz)




Is there a floating point unit on the mb-03+?

Do u know the difference between a blitter and the dma?

Your website is fantastic do u know velesoft ?

Video modes supported?

That v9990 vdp9978 comes with the back catalogue of msx titles though I don't much rate any of them though the 2+starts to look slightly better...