Preserving Disk’s

Hi all,

I’ve picked up some disks that I’m going through on the SAM, what’s the best way to preserve them if they aren’t already on here? How do I get them onto a PC/Mac in .dsk format?


Unfortunately the easiest way on the PC side is to use an older machine, that has an internal floppy drive, and can handle SAM's format via Samdisk.

USB ones won't unfortunately handle that.

If you have a real floppy on SAM, plus a Trinity, you can always do a file by file copy, to a blank RECORD. The SD can be read on the PC with Samdisk - and the individual RECORD extracted to a DSK file.

I have a SAM with floppy drive, a trinity and SAMdisk. I've used SAMdisk to copy images onto the SD card, so I'll give it a go the other way and see if I can create a disk image from a record. Thanks

To be safe - I've got into the habit of write-protecting the SD when doing this - just in case I get the source and destination the wrong way round :)