Anyone have example of the "RECORD" "BLITZ" function using DRAW?

Hi Super Coupers,

I just found out about the Coupe via Simons amazing emulator. Living in Canada I had never heard of the Coupe. What an amazing machine. My lifelong goal was to write a BASIC game and now that I am 50(!) years old I figured it was time to start. Anyway, I was doing so on the Spectrum. The line drawing routine in Basic takes 95 seconds on the Spectrum and 55 on the Coupe. Great, BUT, Simon mentioned that "RECORD" and "BLITZ" may speed things up further.

Here's my routine, I would like to add RECORD,BLITZ to it:

   2 FOR z = 1 TO 100
   5 CLS
  10 DIM b(10)
  20 FOR x=1 TO 10
  50 LET b(x)=17+INT (RND*32)
  60 NEXT x
  85 LET t=12
 100 FOR a=10 TO 2 STEP -1
 123 LET t=t+12
 124 OVER 0
 125 PLOT b(a),t
 130 DRAW (b(a-1)-b(a)),12
 150 NEXT a
 153 LET t=12
 155 FOR m=10 TO 2 STEP -1
 157 LET t=t+12
 160 OVER 1
 165 PLOT b(m),t
 170 DRAW (b(m-1)-b(m)),12
 175 NEXT m
 180 NEXT z

I appreciate your time and guidance, thank you.



You just use 'RECORD TO anim$" (or whatever variable) at the start, then 'RECORD STOP' at the end and then you can use CLS : BLITZ$ anim$ - have a look at Andy Wright's  graphics demos on and Pages 78 and 85 of the User Guide.


I seem to recall that some issues of the SAM Supplement magazine had some demos using Blitz at some point. Handy feature - and always reminded me of the way graphics are stored in PAWS and GAC Adventure creation systems.

Also recommend checking our MasterBasic's BLITZ SOUND command as well.