How should screenshots be generated?


By convention, screenshots should be taken from SimCoupe with the following settings:

  • 5:4 pixel ratio (F5) since this looks most like the original TV output

  • TV visible area (F10, display settings)
  • No statistics (F9)

but don’t worry if that’s impossible, since any screenshot is better than no screenshots!

What's the point of building an archive without letting everybody download the software?


The site’s copyright policy says that images won’t be made available without the authors’ permission. However, collecting images in advance of getting such permission means that:

a) disk image files are not subject to the degradation of old floppy disks. With a central database, we have a record of which programs have been imaged and which are still vulnerable.

b) the better-populated this site, and the more enthusiasm shown by its contributors, the more likely it is that copyright-holders will grant permission for their programs to be included. And if an image was already contributed, it can be made downloadable as soon as that occurs.

What are the most important tasks right now?


Although the Sam was a relatively minor player in the home computer market, there’s still a very wide scope information to collect. My proposal, therefore, is that worldofsam contributors should initially concentrate on subjects which aren’t well-covered elsewhere; i.e. relating to commercial games and in particular, perfect images of protected disks.

That said, if you’ve got anything at all to add, please feel no hesitation in adding it!

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