Batz 'n Balls


Revelation and later Persona

David Gommeren

Martijn van Spanje (Cover art: Darrren Blackburn)

Rob Mies

1992 (62.25 KB)

An arkanoid-styled game. Fast, smooth and staggeringly difficult, with lots of power-ups and other features. 150 levels plus bonus screens.

Best played with using the Mouse Interface.

Your Sinclair [review](, courtesy of The YS Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Years.

Crash review, courtesy of

Cover art by Darren Blackburn, incorporating a logo by David Ledbury


Do you happen to have a higher-resolution scan of the artwork, please? I’ve actually never seen it before (post-SamCo, Revelation put much less effort into their packaging and distributed most of their games with simple photocopied inlays).


yep, will upload another

yep, will upload another scan

cover by darren blackburn.

cover by darren blackburn. dave ledbury did the fancy logo on the cover :)

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