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Terry Ekins


Member of Jupiter Software

The Lords

The Lords are originally a Spec

The Shadow

Writer for Fred Magazine.

Tim Paveley


Custodian of the Sam CoupĂ© Scrapbook first arrived under the guise of ‘Tizo’ with StarShot on [


8 Bit hardware developer.

Products include:

Warren Lee

Graphical Artist & Programmer.

I have had three games published for the SAM, all written with the

Wayne Coles


Coder. Wrote various demos, and games Joystick Power and Stax. Authored a machine code progr

Wayne Weedon

Haha Fame at last - Well not fame exactly ;-) Nice to see this stuff up here.

I also designed and

West Coast Computers

West Coast

Stock from SAM Computers Ltd were bought by West Coast Computers in November 1992.


William McGugan


Coder and author of Fred magazines Puzzle Corner.

Wolfgang Haller


Member of the SPC

Sadly passed away in 2010.

Updated link to the Comet Instructions: [[htt

Zenith Graphics

Jonathan Langford Simon Field

Coders and Artists, creators of Edition and Visually disk magazines.