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Paul Kelly


PBT Electronics

Paul Thomas

Reseller of Coupés and related hardware, member of Team Sam



Software house.


Software house run by Malcolm Mackenzie.

Peter Gallagher

Sam Coupe fan and Amateur Programmer.

Published a couple of Lemmings themed demo’s in FRED Magazi

Phil Glover


Phil Symons

Programmer, worked with Andrew Fish as Quantum Software. Best known as author of [[Wop Gamm

Phoenix Software Systems

Software house run by David Ledbury, later transferred to Persona.

The software house was

Quantum Software

Quantum Diode Software

Phil Symons and Andrew Fish, wrote Wop Gamma.


Colin Piggot’s company selling his new hardware, software, and much more for the Sam Coupé


SamCo’s Software publishing arm.

Later became adopted as Formats Software label.

Richard Robinson


Rob Holman

One of the original Sam games programmers, and responsible for most of Enigma Variations’s Sam o

Rob Mies


One quarter of The Lords, originally a Spectrum-based demo group from The Netherlands.

Rob wa

Robert van der Veeke

RJV Graphics

Artist and animé fan.

Sam Computers Limited


From the ashes of Miles Gordon Technology came Sam Computers Limited.

SamCo went into recieve

SAM Newswire

Website produced by Gavin Smith which has regularly updated SAM Coupé news and info on new deve

Sam PD

Public Domain Library and magazine run by Derek Morgan.



SamTek was a hardware development venture formed by Bruce Gordon around the time of SamCo.

SD Software

Software house run by Nev Young, was eventually sold to Format Publications.