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Mark Walker


Martijn Groen


Martin Rookyard


Hardware Designer, worked closely with Simon Cooke.

Masters Of Magic

Consisted of Neil Holmes (Code, Gfx) and Stuart Leonardi (Music, Code)

Responsible for ma

Matt Green


First published on Fred 58

Went on to develop games for GBC/GBA including many licence titles inc

Matt Round



Matthew Beaman


IT Server Engineer, VMWare Certified Proffesional, Coder, Gadget Man!

Matthew Holt


Also worked with Darren Blackburn and David Ledbury for an abandoned scrolling/str

Mel Croucher

Author of the Sam Coupé Manual and long time cohort of Bruce Everiss.

Michael Andrews

Mike AJ

Responsible for many sample demo disks and E-Tracker tunes Released by himself under AJ Incorperates

Miles Gordon Technology


Miles Gordon Technology was started by Alan Miles and Bruce Gordon and produced peripherals


A coding group formed in 1994 by Andrew Collier. Mostly concerned with the art of demo coding, b

Neil Holmes

Coder and artist, founder of Masters of Magic.

Nev Young

Big Nev.

Coder, Hardware Guru and a thoroughly nice chap.

First came into contact with MGT

New Aspects

Software house run by Daniel Garner.

Nick Humphries

The Cursor

Taken from the Your Sinclair Rock ‘n’ Roll years

Nick Roberts

Writer for Crash magazine and Coder.

Nigel Kettlewell


Noesis Software

In 1992, Fred Magazine issue 18 contained a menu by Simon Cooke, which was described as a “Noesi

Patrick Griffiths

Bunj Wobl