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Adrian Brown

Software developer for the Sam Coupe. Still writing articles for Sam Revival as well as working on

Adrian Parker

Hardware designer.

Owner of Blue Alpha Electrionics. Also worked for MGT & SamCo.

Alan Miles

Alan Miles is the Miles bit of Miles Gordon Technology.

After SamCo went under he rep

Allan Skillman


Author of XCoupe, destined to become Sim Coupe

Andrew Collier


Demo coder (with a few games and utilities to his name) who formed MNEMOtech in 1994. His one co

Andrew Fish

Coder of Quantum Software

Andrzej Siuda


Musician from Polish coding group ESI

Andy Gale

Hardware Designer.

Andy Green

Phantom Software


Andy Monk


Musician, Coder

AKA Xtreme Software Development (XSD)

Apex Developments

Software Producers Neil Holmes and Stuart Leonardi, formerly Masters of Magic.


Balor Knight


Balor Knight, one half of Digital Reality, made his name in the Sam world by writing [[Astroball

Ben Versteeg


Hardware designer and coder.


Software house from Dr Andy Wright

Produced BetaBasic from which Sam BASIC was derived.

BG Services

Owned and run by Brian Gaff.

Sold the Samplifier and Pro-Dos and other CP/M related p

Black Jet

Formed by Jaco van der Walt and Andrew Gillen after Andrew bought a SAM off ebay in 2000, sat on it

Blue Alpha

Hardware vendor run by Adrian Parker and Mark Hall.

Produced a number of devices includin

Bo Jangeborg

Author of Flash! and products for the ZX Spectrum including Fairlight, ‘The Artist’ and ‘Th

Bob Brenchley

Editor and driving force behind INDUG and Format and closely linked to the development of th

Brian Gaff

Owner of BG Services providing hardware and software for the Coupé.