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Is there any way to generate a related items link at the bottom of an item, for example on a software vendors page like ‘FRED Publishing’ it can link all other items can link to it?

Magazine reviews on

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Thanks to the kind permission of Martijn van der Heide, pages on worldofsam may now link directly to scanned magazine reviews hosted by

When you add links from a worldofsam page, please use text such as:

  • Crash review courtesy of

in order to make attributions clear.


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Apologies for the downtime today. Another process hosted on this server went haywire, and used up all the memory (and more).

Everything seems to have settled down now, and there was no data loss.

Puzzle games...?


Old comments

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I haven’t defined a “policy” about this, as such, but I’m thinking I might try to get drupal to expire (or at least, hide) old comments after a couple of weeks, on person/company and product pages. It probably doesn’t serve a useful historical purpose to preserve conversations like “Can you change such-and-such?” “Yep, done that” - any useful corrections should be incorporated into the page text instead.

Any objections?

Editing updates

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I’ve removed CamelCase freelinking (aka StudlyCaps). I don’t think any pages were actually using it, and it caused problems for names like Brian McConnell.

When you click on a free link which doesn’t yet exist, and then select the correct page type from the list, the Title is filled out for you automatically.

This site could do with more...



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I’ve added a Site Feedback page. Please use that as the appropriate place to leave comments and questions.

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The search box at the top of every page should now be working correctly.

New feature in product and person/company pages

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I’ve made it possible to link to a node, when describing that copyrights are Granted or Declined (just type the node number underneath the pop-up menu).

Hopefully this will help me moderate file uploads more quickly, since it can link to documentation which proves that copyrights are granted (rather than me having to trust one person’s word, who might not have the authority to say so).

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