SAM featured in Retro Fusion magazine


Issue 1 of Retro Fusion, a brand new magazine which should now be available in branches of GameStation, features a 4 page article covering the history of the Sam as well as the history of Quazar, written by Colin Pigott.


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Person/Company pages now have a new field: AKA. Freelinking links will search the AKA field if there is no match among page titles. So now AXE and Ian Slavin should link to the same page, for example.

NB. text matches must be exact. This means that only one alternative moniker can go in the AKA field.

I suggest we stick to a convention, that real names are used in page titles if at all possible, and the moniker goes in the AKA field.

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Sam Revival issue 14 now out!


Issue 14 of Sam Revival magazine is out now. Read on for pricing and ordering details

Colin Piggot writes:

This is the first issue of Sam Revival to feature spot colour throughout the magazine to add life to screenshots and photographs, and kicking off issue is the regular news section to give a lowdown on what’s happening in the Sam scene, and this issue features all the latest news of the development of the Mayhem Accelerator - the prototype of which is now speeding up the Sam to 20MHz - there’s plenty of photos of the interface during the development and benchmarks too. The Sam Scene Roundup news section looks at several computer shows that have taken place in Europe which had a Sam present, and general news and websites from the Sam Scene.

Feature articles in this issue include an interview conducted by Frode Tennebø with Dr Andy Wright, the chap who wrote the ROM for the Sam Coupe.
The ‘Coupe Correspondence’ letters page features several readers letters and includes a look at the Sam version of the classic game ‘Elite’, networking Sams together and the possibilities of new emulators for the Sam with the speed of the Mayhem.

The coverdisk with this issue features the classic Sam adventure game ‘Days of Sorcery’ by Nigel Kettlewell.

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There’s a new type of page that can now be created; a “Child Product Node” is a numbered page which is attached to another product page. So for example, you could add a page to describe the content of an individual issue of a magazine.

To use it, you must first create the “Product Page” and make a note of its node number (which is in the URL). Then enter that number as “Parent node” when you create the child page.

Links from the parent product page, and to other child nodes, will be automatically generated.

On another note, you can now add tables in page descriptions using a simple markup:

[table !Heading1 | !Heading

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Row2 Cell1


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Is there a method of providing data for a bulk upload as I have 85 Fred disc pages that I want to put up?

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I have bollocked up node 166 (Little Joke) - can the extra screenshots be removed?

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You’ll notice at the bottom of person/company pages there is now a new “Related Products” section. This contains an automatically generated list of product pages which cite this company or person.

(That’s the theory anyway. In fact, it performs a rather fuzzy search on the full-text index, and gets several false positives. But it’s better than nothing, and can be improved in the future).

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