What is the purpose of worldofsam?

  1. To collect information and files relating to the Sam Coupe, before everything is lost to the mists of time and floppy disk sector errors.
  2. Wherever possible, to make all that data available for everybody to download, and serve as a resource for any visitors looking for all information about the Sam.

Question. Stable Operating ROM


Hi I have one of the first machines and recently found this page,can you tell me which version of the Sam’s operating ROM is the most stable as I believe early ROM versions had floppy drive issues. Also can you download the best version as I would like to upgrade my machine. Thanks

What Social Network sites can I find SAM People on?



You can join the Sam Coupe Users group on FaceBook.


You can follow:

Quazar and Colin Piggot - Quazar

Some help


I was messing about with comet assembler tonight and tried a simple routine to display some data on the screen one worked a treat the other killed my routine but they should have both done exactly the same. The difference was on the first routine i done all the paging etc, then displayed my data then paged out, worked fine ! however when i moved a routine out of the main loop to be called by a CALL statement to display the data this killed it.

I know the above is vague but i didnt want to display both routines here as i feel it may have been too much but i have the routines in question zipped up from a DSK file to be used with COMET if anyone could help

Many thanks in advance


What are the Editorial Guidelines?


There is no comprehensive set of rules for participating in worldofsam.org. However I’d like people to stay sensible and keep a couple of things in mind:

Page body descriptions should aim to maintain a Neutral Point Of View, or be generally positive in tone. In the comments, is where you can be less inhibited about saying what you really feel.

There is no rule against writing your own biography!

Why isn't there a Forum?


If you want to discuss the Sam (or anything else) with other Sam users, the very best way to do it is to join the Sam Users mailing list.

To subscribe, send an email to sam-users-request@nvg.ntnu.no containing the single word ‘subscribe’.

There’s no forum on this web site because I wouldn’t dream of trying to divide the market.

Do new articles appear in search results immediately?


No, new articles have to be indexed before they will appear in search results. At the moment this process is performed on the site approximately once every hour.

What should I do when I know whether or not a copyright-holder allows download permissions?


If you have been able to contact with someone who is a copyright-holder of a title on this site (or indeed, if you are the copyright-holder), please create an ‘Item’ page with the topic ‘Copyrights - Granted’ or ‘Copyrights - Declined’ giving as much detail and documentation as possible. Note the node number at the end of the URL you have created.

Then, edit the corresponding product pages, and please type that node number into the text box below the “Copyrights” pop-up menu.

This will help me work more quickly enabling disk images to be downloaded, with less risk of accidentally approving a denied file.

How to make names appear as links?


Please put two square brackets around people’s names, or companies, in product page fields.

e.g. [[Andrew Collier]]

This makes the name appear as a link, (even if the corresponding article hasn’t been written yet).

Floppy Disk Formats


As part of the ‘NVG DSKification Project’ all the disk images on NVG have been converted to a common acceptable format.

In an attempt to be consistant and to tidy up the myriad of disk formats please take the following into account when uploading.

Acceptable Formats

  • DSK/MGT - Raw Disk image created by Sam Disk V2.0
  • EDSK - Extended Disk format (coming soon).
  • TAP - For tape-only media.

Disk images should be compressed with ZIP compression - please do not use other compression algorithms.

Legacy Formats

Please avoid using these formats and convert any images before uploading.

  • SDF - Si Owen’s custom disk format.
  • SAD - Aley Keprt’s Disk format.
  • TD0 - Teledisk format.
  • PAK - Rumsoft PAK archive, not a disk format.
  • LIB/LCB - Library Archive, not a disk format.
  • BAS - Tokenised BASIC file, not a disk format.

Conversion Tools

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